What is Excel Smart Tag? A Know-How

Excel smart tags help to recognize specific data and then the smart tags help in providing action to those data that are being recognized. There is a button near to the cell that is filled with the recognized data. Smart tags Excel help in recognizing all those data so that you can perform better on the Excel sheet.

For turning on the smart tags you have to follow a few simple steps.

  • Click the Microsoft Office button.
  • Select Excel Options.
  • Click Proofing and then Auto Correct Options.
  • Select¬†Smart Tags¬†tab.
  • Select Label Data with Smart Tags checkbox and click ok.
  • Click OK again.

You have to remember that the possibilities are different for the various Microsoft office Excel functions. You have to learn the various ways of processing the Microsoft excel smart tags so as to understand the ways of operating smart tag option for a better function.

There is a specific way of recognizing smart tags in Excel. For this you have to first recognize the cell filled in by data recognized by smart tag. Now this cell is demarcated with purple colours so that you understand that it is the cell you are looking for. Now to find the smart tag option you have to either select or move the pointer on that cell. After clicking the Smart tag option you get a list of all actions available.

Whenever you move the pointer on those cells which have smart tags, the option of smart tag will appear. Excel tag cannot be many in number for multiple cells, which will actually and only cause confusion. You will be able to gain many functions from the Smart tag options, since smart tag in Excel can be shifted to another program. For example, you can shift the smart tag option from Excel to Office.

The advantage of pasting smart tag from one program to another is that you can avail the actions for every program where you paste the smart tag. Smart tags are available in a cell only if certain conditions are fulfilled.

First it has to be seen that the formatting of the cell is completely changed. Then all the rows and columns around the cell are either inserted or deleted. The cell has to be auto-filtered and it has to be hidden. These facts will ensure that the smart tag cell is there in the program. However, if the data is changed in the cell or data is brought into the cell from somewhere else then you have to understand that the smart tag option is being discarded.

Hence it can be said that the smart tags are important options and detailed knowledge on it will enable you with understanding.

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