Tips to use MS Excel

MS Excel is the best available software for calculations and sorting out data into rows and columns. You can use these tips and tricks to make your Excel experience even better.


1. Excel is basically used for mathematical calculations. To simply add an entire row or column, click in the first empty cell at the end of the column or the row that you want to add, and press “ALT + =”. Then press the enter button, and that would give you the sum of the row or the column.

2. Display formulas If you’re having trouble with formulas or the way they work, you can view them just by pressing “Ctrl + `”. The ` key is present to the left side of the number keys.

3. Jump to the start or to the end of a column if you need to the first or last cell or your data, you may scroll your way through or use these easy keyboard shortcuts. To go to the top cell press CTRL + ↑. Similarly, to drop to the last cell of your data press CTRL + ↓. This will save you a lot of time if you’re working with large data.

4. Repeat formulas to multiple cells MS Word lets you customize and create formulas. You don’t need to type out the same formula again and again for each cell in a column. Instead, create a formula once in the first cell and move your cursor to the right corner of the cell and double click the plus sign that appears to copy the formula to all the cells in the column. Using the data in the rows, the formula will calculate results for the entire column.

5. Copy a pattern of data to other cells Excel automatically recognizes if your data has a set pattern and allows to you copy the pattern to other cells. You just need to enter the data in two rows to establish a pattern and then highlight those rows and drag the pattern to as many cells as you want.

Hope the mentioned tips can help make your experience with Excel better.

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