Round to the Nearest Multiple Other Than 10

If you want to round a price to nearest nickel (multiple of 0.05), or a length to the nearest inch (multiple of 1/12), or a number of minutes to the nearest second (multiple of 1/60), you can use the following formula (where mult is the multiple to round to):

=ROUND(number/mult,0)*mult or just =MROUND(number,mult)

If you want to round UP or DOWN, you can use ROUNDUP or ROUNDDOWN instead, or the CEILING or FLOOR functions:

=ROUNDUP(number/mult,0)*mult =CEILING(number,mult)
=ROUNDDOWN(number/mult,0)*mult =FLOOR(number,mult)

The ROUND, ROUNDUP, and ROUNDDOWN functions will round negative numbers as if you first multiplied the value by -1, did the rounding, and then multiplied by -1 again. So -23.6 rounded UP would be -24. When using CEILING or FLOOR, the multiple needs to be the same sign as the number.

Round Price to Nearest Nickel

=ROUND(price/0.05,0)*0.05 =MROUND(price,0.05)
=CEILING(price,0.05) (rounds up)

Round Minutes to the Nearest Second

=ROUND(minutes/(1/60),0)*(1/60) =MROUND(minutes,(1/60))

Round Feet to the Nearest Inch

=ROUND(feet/(1/12),0)*(1/12) =MROUND(feet,(1/12))

Round to the Nearest Even Number

=ROUND(number/2,0)*2 =EVEN(number) (rounds up)

Round to the Nearest Integer

=INT(number) (rounds down)

Round to the Nearest 15-Minute Interval

=CEILING(minutes,15) (rounds up)

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