Quick Tip: Identical Excel worksheets

Q. What is the best way to create identical worksheets? I do a lot of copying and pasting, but I’m sure there is a better way.

A. One of the easiest ways is to create them all at once. Try this six-step process.

  1. Create the number of blank work­­sheets you’ll need.
  2. Select the first worksheet in the set (left-click).
  3. Hold down the shift key while left-clicking on the last worksheet in the set. All worksheet tabs should appear white or the same shade of “light.”
  4. Enter your worksheet data.
  5. Right-click on any worksheet and select Ungroup sheets.
  6. As you click from sheet to sheet they should all now contain the same data.

If you don’t know how many you’ll ultimately need, try creating a single worksheet template. When you right-click on a worksheet tab and choose Insert, you can select your template instead of copying and pasting.

Courtesy: Business Management Daily

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