How To List Alphabets Using Fill Handle – Trick to Fill “A to Z”

How To List Alphabets Using Fill Handle – Trick to Fill “A to Z”

Learn Alphabets using Excel from ""

We can achieve this result using two methods…

1. Using FORMULA:

By using a function CHAR we can achieve this result. Do you want to know how?

Type =CHAR(65) in cell B2, which results “A”, capital A and proceeds 66 as B, 67 as C till 90 as Z

CHAR will does for us.

Second method is using CUSTOM LIST.

CUSTOM LIST WINDOW to list alphabets



Firstly, we will see where is this option. GoTo Office Button –> Excel Options –>Popular –>Edit Custom List

In List Entries type A hit Enter and B hit Enter and proceed till Z and click on ADD to add the custom list.

Other words, type the alphabets in Excel and choose that range and import the list using an option IMPORT and click ok.

This window will help to import custom list using Excel

That’s it, alphabets are updated in the custom list.


Now, try to type A in cell D2 and B in cell D3 and use FILL HANDLE for 26 rows to fill from A to Z.

Amazing trick!!! right?

That’s it. Magic works!

Courtesy: Excel Toxl

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