How to insert and delete header, footer, and header picture in Excel?

Do you need to insert the page numbers in printed workbook as well as author name, current date and file name? The Microsoft Excel’s Header/Footer command can help you show information in the header or footer at the top or bottom of each printed page easily. And you can also add some images in the header, such as your company’s logo, etc.

Insert & delete header and footer in Excel

You can follow these steps to insert and delete header and footer in Microsoft Excel easily.

1. Click Insert > Header & Footer to activate the Header & Footer Tools in Ribbon.

2.Go to the Design tab under Header & Footer Tools, and then select any type of header or footer ad you need. In our case, we click Design > Header > Confidential, 1/11/2016, Page 1. See screenshot:

Note: You can also type custom header or footer into the Header box or footer box as you need. See screenshot:

You can click the Header button and Footer button in the Header & Footer group to insert all kinds of header and footer.

Delete Header and Footer

If you want to delete the Header from worksheet, you can click the Design >> Header >> none under Header & Footer Tools. So does deleting the Footer.

More Options in the Header & Footer Elements group

  • Page Number button and Numbers of Pages button: Insert the page numbers in the footer or header.
  • Current Date button and Current time button: Insert current time/date in the footer or header.
  • File name button: Insert current workbook’s name in the footer or header.
  • File Path button: Add the name of the current workbook, including the full saving path, to the header or footer.
  • Sheet Name button: Add the name of current sheet to the header or footer.

Insert & delete header picture in Excel

Sometime you want to display some images at the top of worksheet in every printed page, such as company logo, or others. You can do it with following steps:

  • Step 1: Put the mouse cursor at the editable area of Header.
  • Step 2: In the Design tab of active Header & Footer Tools, click the Picture button.
  • Step 3: In the Insert Picture dialog box, find out and select a proper picture.
  • Step 4: Click Insert button.

Then the selected picture is inserted in the header, displaying at the top of every printed page.

Format the Header Picture

After inserting pictures in the header, the Format Picture button is active in the Header & Footer Elements group.
With this Format Picture command, you can change the insert pictures’ brightness, contrast, size, etc.

Delete header picture from current worksheet

  • Firstly, put the cursor at the place that the header picture is inserted at in the header.
  • Then the picture become text as ” &[Picture] “, delete the text.
  • Now move you mouse away, it deletes the header picture from the header in the current worksheet.

Courtesy: Extend Office

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