Excel’s Operators CHEAT SHEET

Excel’s Operators CHEAT SHEET
Believe it or not, Excel has 16 infix operators, 5 match fix operators, 3 prefix operators and a postfix operator.

Excel’s Operators CHEAT SHEET

Infix Operators

+ Addition
* Multiplication
/ Division
^ Exponentiation
> is Greater than
< is Less than
= is Equal to
>= is Greater Than or Equal to
<= is Less than or Equal to
<> is Not Equal to
& Concatenation of strings
Space ( ) Reference Intersection
Comma (,) Reference Union
Colon (:) Range Reference defined by two cell reference
! Separate Worksheet from reference

Prefix Operators

+ Plus
$ Next component of an A1 reference is absolute

Matchfix Operators

Left Side Right Side Operation
String Constant
{ } Array Constant
( ) Arithmetic grouping or Function arguments or Reference grouping
Grouping worksheet name
[ ] Grouping worksheet name or Relative reference in R1C1 style

Postfix Operators


Hope this helps!!

Courtesy: Rahim Zulfiqar Ali

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