How to Calculate Estimated Travel Time in Excel?

Case1: How many Days/Hours/Minutes it will take to travel 56,986 miles if a vehicle is traveling at constant speed of 12.5 miles per hour?

Additional Information:

  • During the travel time vehicle stops for 5 times with 18 hours as break each time
  • Also consider the Overhead/Maintenance time of 100 hours for the one way trip

Calculate the Estimated Travel Time

Steps to calculate:

  • A = Calculate total hours required for the travel
    [Distance / Speed] = Ride Time
  • B = Calculate additional time required as allocated for Breaks + Maintenance
    [(Number of Breaks * Break Duration)  + Maintenance Time]
  • C = A + B
    Total Travel Time = Ride Time + Additional Time

Below is the formula to calculate the Duration. you can also find the example file to download and use.

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Travel Time Calculator

Formula to calculate Duration

=ROUNDDOWN((C13/24),0)&" Days "&ROUNDDOWN(((C13/24)-ROUNDDOWN((C13/24),0))*24,0)
&" Hours "&ROUND((((C13/24)-ROUNDDOWN((C13/24),0))*24-ROUNDDOWN(((C13/24)-
ROUNDDOWN((C13/24),0))*24,0))*60,0)&" Minutes"

You can download the Travel Time Calculator File here TravelTimeCalculator.xlsx

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