How to Add Macro/Custom Button To The Excel Ribbon Tab

In Excel 2010 onwards you can create your own Ribbon Tabs as well as add your own Macros to them!. Let’s learn how really easy this is to do.

This is really useful if you have a set of commands you use on a regular basis and want to keep them on a totally separate tab. It could be a group of macros you use on a regular report each week, which can all be easily accessed together from their own special Excel Ribbon Tab.

In my example in this tutorial let’s create a new tab called My Tab and add two macros that we have created called MYMACRO1 and MYMACRO2.

First- Create our very own Ribbon Tab

  1. Right click on the Ribbon Area and hit ‘Customize Ribbon’ option
  2. File
  3. Options
  4. Customize Ribbon
  5. Under Main Tabs, select the tab that you want your new tab to come before
  6. A New Tab (Custom) is added and a single group called New Group (Custom)
  7. To Rename the custom Tab or Group (I have renamed mine MACROS), select it and hit Rename
  8. Hit OK and your new Tab and or Group will be created

OK, so that is our new Excel Tab sorted- how about adding some of our own macros to it?

  1. The first step is really simple- hit File- Menu
  2. Then Customize Ribbon in the Excel Options Dialog box
  3. Click Macro in the Choose Commands From drop down list box on the left- Excel will list the names of all the macros that have been created in the current work book in the Choose Commands From list box
  4. Click the name of the custom tab to which you want to add the macro- in this case it is MACROS
  5. In the Choose Commands From list box on the left, click on the name of the macro you want to add to the custom tab
  6. Click Add to the select the macro (in the case MYMACRO1 and MYMACRO2) then click OK to close the Excel Options dialog box

After you have added your macro to your tab, the name of the macro appears on a button and given a generic icon (which just happens to be a programming diagram chart). Just click on the command button of the macro to run it as you would a normal macro.

There you go, we have created a brand new tab called MY MACROS and added MYMACRO1 and MYMACRO2 to the new Excel Tab.

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